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Amazing and Artistic Food

By: gabrielle ackerman    (Jan 22, 2011)

La Terra Vita is an incredible venture by some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life! And their produce is the product of their vision.

I am always delighted on delivery day to be greeted by a wonderful and Artful display of the veggies. The lovely bundles are a pleasure to unpack and place on my kitchen counters and fridge. While unpacking I am always munching on the fabulous produce especially from the saute mix and thinking about how I should cook or just eat many of the items.

The vegetables are full of flavor and sunshine, and I am always discovering something new to add to my palate like my new favorite uchiki kuri squash. And the lovely lemon sorrel which was even accompanied by a handwritten recipe for lemon sorrel pesto sauce. Delicious!

And my kids cannot wait for delivery day either. They dig right into their favorite sweet vitamins; radishes, spinach leaves, snap peas, sun gold cherry tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, green cucumbers, and wild blackberries.

Missing my favorite veggies, but its worth the wait!

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