Review for: Berkshire Heritage Hickory Smoked Ham

from: Prairie Pride Farm of Minnesota

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"No Nitrites" is Not True

By:    (Jan 23, 2011)

I ordered a ham and a ham hock from Prairie Pride because they advertise their pork products have no nitrates, no nitrites. The ingredients on the ham list none of these poisons but the ingredient listing on the ham hock clearly lists Sodium Nitrite as one of the ingredients in the product. This is false advertising at best, unethical at worst. I can't eat this meat and will have to throw it away.

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Dawn Hubmer says:    (Jan 27, 2011)
All of our hams are uncured and contain no nitrates or nitrites. The ham hock was mislabled and has been removed from our list of products until this is solved. Very sorry for the mistake and poor feelings this caused. We care about every item and customer.