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Or you could go to Kroger...

By:    (Jan 25, 2011)

We were disappointed just about every week with this CSA and found ourselves looking forward to it ending. Each week promised the same tired veggies -green beans, maybe some squash, some flavorless tomatoes, maybe a pepper, some potatoes, and that was about it. We weren't convinced that the 'farmers' were growing the food because we often saw what looked like scars of commercial harvest.

It was a bummer to pick up from their farmer's market stand because the produce was of a wider variety and looked fresher.

This is our second farm as our first farmer stopped doing a CSA in favor of selling his produce commercially.

Maybe they would be good for eggs or meat, I dunno. We won't waste our money again. I could get the same quality from Kroger for half the price or less.

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Andy Bray says:    (Mar 28, 2011)
We always strive to make our customers happy. If someone has a problem with our products, we are more than happy to work out a solution. However, we cannot do this unless we know they are not satisfied. This person never informed us that there was a problem or he/she would have received replacement products or a refund, as appropriate. We are disappointed that we were not given the opportunity to "make it right" with this customer. Our boxes always contain a variety of fresh, healthy home-grown vegetables in quantities that usually exceed what was ordered.