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Hickory Smoked Ham

By:    (Jan 30, 2011)

I posted a review that criticized Prairie Pride Farm for advertising "no nitrates, no nitrites" and then I rec'd a ham hock that was labeled as containing sodium nitrite. It turns out the ham hock was mis-labeled. I threw the meat out, but the farm refunded my money without me even asking or returning the item. I also bought a hickory smoked ham which I made for company tonight. It was the best ham I've had in years. It was tender and flavorful. There was absolutely no nasty chemical aftertaste from additives, because there were no additives. I was hoping to have leftovers to make sandwiches, but no such luck. I will made soup out of the bone, however. I was happy to serve the ham to the children, especially, so they can taste authentic, good food. This product is excellent and Prairie Pride Farms is an honest, trustworthy vendor. I will definitely buy here again.

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Dawn Hubmer says:    (Feb 24, 2011)
Thank you, I appreciate your thoughtfulness to comment again on the ham. Have a wonderful rest of the winter. It snowed another 12 inches here this week! I should really post some snow photos. Dawn @ PPF