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Very good individual cuts but BACON CONTAINS SODIUM NITRITE!

By: Adela Buzescu    (Feb 3, 2011)

I have ordered twice individual cuts before subscribing to their half share CSA. The meat is excellent, however, today I received the bacon and the label lists sodium nitrite. I think that the farm should clearly state that on their website, I really don't care about how humanly was the pig grown if the meat comes with a known carcinogen! Otherwise, the service is excellent but I do not look forward to added sausages and bacon to my monthly orders.

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Lourdes Inoa says:    (Apr 30, 2011)
I am glad you reminded me of this. I tried their product last year and the sausage had to be disposed of due to some obscure ingredient, which basically was a flavor enhancer (olefin?) I am ready to purchase, but will stick to the all beef CSA. The truth is, the last thing most people expect is to have nitrates and the like in a small grass fed operation farm. It will be a good business practice to disclose, better yet stop using the aforementioned. Otherwise, the service is great and perhaps these comments will help bring change.