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Do not recommend.

By: Tara Oxley    (Feb 13, 2011)

We joined the Fresh and Local CSA despite a couple of negative reviews we saw online, because others seemed generally happy. We wish we had not. We were members for the 2010 season, and found, as several other reviewers have, that the explanations given for low yield tended to include problems that should be standard or common and previously dealt with. (example: difficulty finding reliable labor)

We volunteered early in the season, did not find the directions to the farm terribly helpful (would it be too difficult to put some sort of marker on the triangle patch of land where you request people park?) and then were rewarded for our efforts by being told: "Yesterday's couple lapped you." This motivational technique did not sit well with us, as we were the only ones there at that time... a simple thank you would have been appreciated, instead.

We cannot recall ever receiving Brocoli, which would have been nice. Instead we got a number of odd vegetables which we had to research how to prepare. We do not mind exploring, but would have liked more staples.

Someone else said that they would have preferred less complaining and more information on how to differentiate these new exotic greens. We second that motion.

We found quantities to be small for most things, other than salad greens and potatoes.

If these are your chief concern, perhaps this CSA works for you, but it didn't work for us.

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