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Dedicated Farmers Deliver

By: Michael Myers    (Feb 16, 2011)

Having worked at the Fresh and Local CSA farm for a good deal of two seasons (2008 and 2010) I feel that I can offer a unique perspective on the integrity of the practices and on the work ethic of these hard working and honest farmers. The wealth of knowledge that Allan possesses regarding the growth of wholesome, unadulterated food has yet to be surpassed in my farming experiences and this is clearly evident upon consumption of any of the foods grown on the farm. The amount of flavor that is contained in the diverse array of crops grown here is incredible, which is a remarkable accomplishment when taking into account how uncooperative the weather could be (draughts, heat stroke temperatures). Joining this CSA might not guarantee receiving brocolli in the middle of the summer (which is highly unlikely unless you live in Colorado where brassicas can thrive in cooler temperatures) but you can be sure that you are supporting sustainable farmers who are dedicated to offering a diverse share of vegetables (staples included!) grown under the greatest diligence.

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