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Highly Recommend!

By: Janet Martin    (Feb 16, 2011)

November 2010 my husband and I met the Alger family for the first time. We had ordered a farm raised Turkey from them and were arriving at their farm for pick-up. Our arrival at the Alger farm also coincided with the arrival of many experienced Alger Farm customers. These people shared that they had been purchasing eggs, chickens etc. from this family for several years now. It was obvious that they were very pleased. What was also outstandingly obvious was the wholesome nature of this family along with the integrity you felt coming forth as you shook hands with them for the first time. While we had conversed with Tammie on the phone and knew her high standards for "a truly healthy product", we were further convinced upon meeting this family. The turkey??? I can only say it was the best I have ever prepared, and I have always bought "natural" ones. Also, I have worked professionally as a personal natural foods chef. This turkey browned superbly, was moist and wonderfully tasty. Consequently, we are now Alger Farm customers...and would recommend this farm to anyone interested in healthier eating!

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