Brambleberry Fruit Farm

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By: sally perwien    (Feb 18, 2011)

After I was refunded by Local Harvest, All of a sudden, I get a box from you and it contains 2 jars of Jam and one jar doesn't have a label on it. What kind of sloppiness is that. So I don't even trust what's in the jar. I tried to call your number and its disconnected for a reason. You know what, that's good, because of the way you do business.

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Jim Fruth says:    (Mar 20, 2014)
That unlabeled jar was the work of the former owner, not my doing. I took over Brambleberry Fruit Farm and Brambleberry Farm in June of 2011.

Jim Fruth says:    (Sep 5, 2014)
The missing label was the error of the former owner. I took over the business in June of 2012. Jim Friuth