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Praises for Mama Duck's Free Range Duck Eggs

By: Susan Newcomer    (Feb 21, 2011)

I love, love, love Mama Duck's free range duck eggs. For one who has severe allergies to chicken eggs - I was thrilled to find out that I can eat duck eggs. Even for those who don't have allergies to chicken eggs - nothing can compare to duck eggs. They are bigger, better not only for eating as scrambled, fried, etc., but are much better for baking - many pastry chefs prefer to use duck eggs because their baked goods are so much better.

Sara Armstrong is the owner of Mama Duck's and she is a gem to work with - I know how she loves and cares for her sweet ducks - an animal lover myself and a previous owner of a duck - OK it was one I won at a carnival when I was much younger - I loved my duck so much and have had a soft spot in my heart for them ever since. It must have been fate when I came upon Mama Duck's while googling where I could find duck eggs.

Sara has a good work ethic and cares not only about her ducks, but about her customers too. I'm in California and she is in Pennsylvania - but I'll do business with the right people wherever they are. You can't go wrong with Sara!

Susan Newcomer

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