Carolina's 'Best' Freshwater Prawn Farm

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Southern hospitality and a delicious responsible alternative

By: Don Horton    (Feb 24, 2011)

My father and I stopped by the Carolina's Best Freshwater Prawn Farm this past September to check out the prawn harvest we had been hearing about. Folks started to gather about 8 AM and all eyes were on the rapidly draining pond. Soon the prawns began to appear as the water receded. Giant prawns that look more like the size of Florida lobster than shrimp were marching down towards the catch basin. The activity of the farmers began to escalate as the first prawns began to enter the harvest basin, were netted and weighed before being placed into holding tanks for purging. This process took about 4 hours. The harvest was run very smoothly and we were impressed by the cleanliness and organization displayed by the Ipock's and other members of the American Prawn Cooperative who were lending a hand. We bought 10 lbs of prawn and we cooked some of them for the family the next day. Marinated in garlic and olive oil then skewered and grilled over a charcoal fire with fresh vegetables, and serving a crisp cold savignon blanc, the prawns were delicious.

DH San Francisco, CA

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