Alpine Dairy Cheesemaking Classes of St. Louis, MO Cheese Making Classes with Merryl Winstein

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Fun and informative cheesemaking

By: amy halpin    (Mar 7, 2011)

Merryl Winstein is a wonderful teacher. She demystifies the world of home cheese making. I have just taken my third class in the last 4 months and Merryl has cheered me on all of the way. If you have never made cheese or have made a bit, but want to expand your knowledge, Merryl is the person in the midwest that you want to study with. She understands and simply explains the science behind the cheeses, but she also teaches the traditional methods that rely on visual cues and the feel of the curds during the various stages of the cheese-making process. On her full-day weekend classes she teaches you a wide variety of cheese types such as soft, fresh cheeses, pressed hard cheeses, bacteria and mold ripened cheeses and more. After the lesson is over, she has almost everything you need in small and affordable quantities to try making it all at home. So far I have only been able to taste my home-made camembert and it was unbelievable! I can't wait until my other cheeses including more camembert, cheddar and gorgonzola dolce are ready! Her half day classes on Mondays are perfect for someone who needs to get kids in school and get home in time for the bus. She concentrates on usually 2 cheeses. Interested Chefs that are not working on Mondays should take a class. I cannot say enough about how valuable Merryl's classes are!

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