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Lovely fresh eggs

By: C. Tran    (Mar 8, 2011)

I started getting Copper Hill Farm Eggs last year and I can't imagine going back to supermarket eggs now. Everything I make with these eggs come out better: The 3-egg pasta dough, the mayo and aioli with the yolks, the cakes, the brioche, even the plain breakfast eggs, they are wonderful to work with. You might have to adjust your cooking a little, because these eggs are different from commercial eggs. The whites is thicker and more gooey, they won't just fall right out of the eggs. The yolks are plump and high, and have less tendency to break when you're separating eggs. The shells are harder, the egg membrane inside is also stronger, so you may have to crack the egg against a metal edge to get a clean break, instead of the edge of the bowl like before. It takes a bit more time to peel a hard-boiled egg because the shells and membranes adhere strongly to the whites, you want this though, it's an indication of very fresh eggs only one to three days old.

The egg box is also a gem, through the season I get a few white eggs, lots of brown eggs in different color variations, speckled brown eggs, blue eggs, and even a rare olive-green egg. The sizes vary but they mostly are big to huge, so big I typically cannot close the top of my egg carton flatly. I can't say enough nice things about these eggs.

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