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A Real Raw milk that I can really enjoy, and is healthy!

By: Lynn Grant    (Apr 6, 2011)

I am a type 2 diabetic, and as such my wife and I try to regulate my diabetes by diet and avoid the chemicals the medical types always push. But we could not get real milk aka raw milk in our area...only the milk with the hormones, etc. and pasteurized (dead). Then we found Copacetic Farms, and their raw goats milk and my milk hunt has come to an end. Their milk is as fresh as one can get,, tasty, AND last but not least......very healthy, easy for humans to digest, and benefit from,....NO chemicals or GMO feed and the like! If you really like fresh milk, and raw...with many health benefits try the goats milk from Copacetic Farms. If you go to your health food store and do not see it ask if they carry it. If your health food store does not carry it ask them to do will be glad you did. In addition their other farm produce is also as fresh as one can get...try that as well.

great farm, great folks.

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