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Wonderful progam - grocery bill dropped by 60%

By: S H Turgeon    (Apr 11, 2011)

Love this program! Last year was my first ever using a CSA and I researched a lot in the area before choosing. Of course, I wanted fresh, local fruits and vegies and didn't mind doing "some" work but this program blew my expectations out of the water!

~ They are very organized! They have boxes of food already portioned out, all you do is fill your bags. My pickup lasted roughly 10 minutes. Also a weekly newsletter, prior to pickup, tells what is to come that week, including recipes.

~ They have half shares and these were not skimpy shares! Most weeks we couldn't eat through all the produce before the next pickup came.

~ Their pick up hours are 4:30 - 6:30, great for a working couple like us.

~ The "required work" was easy - handing out vegie boxes and checking off names.

~ The produce was in great shape, with perhaps a minor scuff or some dirt. I looked at a friend's CSA's produce and was amazed at how good Hazon's was in comparison.

~ There is no uncomfortableness about not being Jewish - there was never a moment that it came up nor was there any pressure to be active. The newsletter does cover Jewish holidays and stories but we found that educational since Judaism is not our background.

~ There are extras such as an egg share or a kosher chicken option.

~ Best of all, my grocery bill dropped by two-thirds! We only needed to visit the grocery store every 2 weeks for milk, cereal and meat.

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