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Returning Customer for Third Year

By: David Crabtree    (Apr 20, 2011)

I am returning to Round River Farm for the third year. I look for this to be the best year yet. A high fence has been put up to keep the deer and other animals out of the crops. Two whole rows of new boxes have been added and more vegetables are being grown. I am volunteering time to decrease my cost for the season. Plants are growing and it won't be long until the first harvest. Organic food is always better than food that has toxic chemicals and fertilizers that harm your body and health. If a vegetable does not look perfect it is because it has not been sprayed with poisoness chemicals. Organic produce always tastes better and is better for your body. You can reduce your price of your share by volunteering hours of work on the farm like I am doing. I am excited to learn how the farm operates. I can't wait until the first harvest.

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