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By: faith Schultz    (Apr 25, 2011)

First, yes Bob & Kate Boyce are wonderful, kind, friendly people. Going there is a real pleasure, they treat you like old friends! Second, the meat is AMAZING!!!! We have been buying all our beef from them for about a year now, and it is completely different from what you buy at a grocery store! My kids (2 teenage boys) won't touch 'grocery store meat' as they call it now! It is incredibly lean, the ground beef barely leaves grease in the pan, the FLAVOR is incredible, I felt like I had never tasted beef before! We like the flank steaks and sirloins, and of course ground beef. When cooking this kind of steak, I usually rub a little olive oil on the meat. But Uncle Bob will give you all the advice you need, because he eats the meat too!!! And his prices are extremely reasonable, comparable to what you would pay for factory farmed meat at the grocery store. Also, he lets you order exactly what you want, as opposed to some CSA options where you just get what you get. We like knowing where our food comes from, we like knowing the respectable people who are farming it, and we like supporting their efforts.

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