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regarding nourishment

By: Nancy Kellogg    (Apr 28, 2011)

I have inside information that this farm produced nearly 8,000 pounds of quality, wholesome food one season. Compare that to a VT farm prison of 100 inmates who grew 9,000 pounds of produce in a recent season. I'd say Z & LM were pretty industrious farmers. Nourishment isn't a personality contest or gossip opportunity - it's just about good wholesome food. Let's believe we're all doing the best we can in life. Rye Cooder said "The farmer feeds us all" - and that farmer is 1% of the population feeding the other 99% .... unless you live on junk food and alcohol, though most people wouldn't call that food. Growing food is serious labor and some would say it is indeed 'rocket science'. Try growing even a tenth of what you consume; let's give credit where credit is due and be sure to factor in the carbon footprint a CSA lowers by eliminating the transportation miles and processing and packaging that produce those (carbon) emissions. The atmospheric CO2 level went up 1ppm last year from 391ppm to 392ppm. The tipping point was 350ppm. It's predicted when the atmosphere hits 400 ppm of CO2 the climate will "hit the wall' and we all better hope we have a personal farmer to feed us. The bottom line is the food grown at Darling Hill Farm is better than decent.

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Nancy Kellogg says:    (Apr 28, 2011)
Incidentally, I don't even like Leighmae. She's rude and disrespectful (to me) and cut down a 150 year old ash tree, a hundred year old Baldwin orchard, and my beloved magnolia ..... a lot of people don't like her, especially her immediate neighbors - she clearly has a personality disorder. It would be nice if she could get along with her neighbors. Maybe when she matures a bit she'll be more friendly. But that aside, she's a conscientious grower ....and, again, food is about nourishment.