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The freshest, best vegetables I have ever had

By: Justin Dillon    (May 15, 2011)

I have been buying food from Even' Star at the Lafayette farmer's market since 2009. Everything they grow is fantastic, and much of what I've bought from them has redefined how I think about that food. For example: tomatoes. They are, quite simply, the best I have ever had. Juicy, succulent, and amazing. My only complaint is that they have ruined me for other tomatoes, even in nice restaurants. Their sweet potatoes--several varieties--are also the best I have ever had. Their arugula will redefine the way you think about and eat arugula; it has a pungent spiciness and, I kid you not, an actual finish, like a wine. It, too, has ruined me for lesser arugula. I always hated radishes; theirs, I love. I could go on, and on, and on. Everything they grow is simply that good. And Brett, who is there every Saturday, is so much fun to talk food with. Whether it's hearing a good recipe from him in person or following one in one of his terrific cookbooks, he never lets me down. A final word about their CSA: I cannot recommend it highly enough. A single share in the winter CSA will give you a ton of delicious greens that could easily feed a family of four for a week. They are so generous, and what they give you is so good. Their summer CSA is also excellent; I chose the farmer's market option so I can actually pick out what I want every week. The second-best part of being in the CSA--after the food itself--is getting the emails that Brett sends out every week listing the offerings. With Proustian detail, he outlines everything that's in your box (in the winter) or everything that will available that week (in the summer). I simply cannot recommend Even' Star highly enough. If you are on the fence about whether to join a CSA, pull the trigger and join theirs. You will love it.

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