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from: Valley View Ranch - Healing Land

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poor quality, service and...

By: Yan Mao    (May 16, 2011)

i purchased 900 shepherd's purse seeds, and I don't think I received what I paid for. Since they are so small, there is no way to count them. There were so much dry grass and pods in side of the bags. The worst is I only got about 30 plants after I used up all "900" seeds. I sent emails and left phone messages, but no response.

Not a good place to buy seeds from

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Ana Gawtry says:    (May 16, 2011)
Sorry about miscommunication. I did send you an email with explanation about Shepherds Purse seeds. Whether and soil conditions played a big roll in germination and strong herbs production. We growing herbs for many years and have been seen different result every year. Shepherds Purse seeds are shipped in heart shaped pods. You received 15 or more pods in each bag which total is more than 300 seeds and some pods will be cracked open during shipping process, but you will not loose any seeds out of the bag.