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No Regrets

By: Kristen Boardman    (May 22, 2011)

My husband and I joined Capella Farm CSA in mid-August 2010. Before joining a CSA I had thought that it wasn't practical for a family of 2, we couldn't afford it and it wasn't convenient. As our values have undergone that subtle shift that occurs as you get older we decided to give it a try. We decided to eat more plant stuff, more organic and also more local. I discovered LocalHarvest and sent out emails to more than 25 CSAs in the area.

Enter Jennifer Kangas at Capella Farm. She responded to my email within a day telling me there was a spot available for Saturday pickup and it would cost such and such $. Perhaps because it was August and harvest was in full swing, hardly any other CSAs responded to my request. For those that did reply tit took 1-2 weeks to hear back or not at all. So that gets me around to the reasons we love Capella Farm CSA:

1. Great communication: Jennifer answers any questions/concerns you have at lightening speed and is very strong with the administrative side of a farm's workings. She is open and genuinely interested in all feedback. The farm's website is always updated with the latest, "What's in the box?" And she strives to provide recipe suggestions, especially for veggies that are unfamiliar to us. Like pan-fried okra. Who knew it could be as decadent as French fries?

2. Great location: Some prefer Farmer's Market pick up but we prefer going to the farm. Capella is MUCH closer to A2 than almost all other farms in the area. Plus have you tried to find a parking space at the Farmer's Market in the summer? Also, we don't hazard spending more $. Capella has 3 really sweet and friendly cats who sometimes emerge and it's just lovely to smell the gardens, see the chickens and goats, and just soak in the Zen of the outside during growing season.

3. And last but not least - Amazing variety/good quality: We enjoy the adventure of becoming acquainted with gourmet/heirloom varieties in addition to the staples. We visited another summer CSA in September last year and were generously given a sample that contained about half the variety compared to Capella. And WOW the flavors do not compare to grocery store equivalents. Her egg yolks are vibrant orange and oh so flavorful. Eggs are extra $ and upon availability but we are able to purchase on most days. You also get lots of fresh herbs, lots of fresh flowers. Often, there is also a table of 'seconds' you can help yourself to if you want even more. And if we are last to pick up there is always enough bounty, we are never left feeling like the options are picked over. And if a full share is too much abundance for you Jennifer will help match you with someone else for a 1/2 share.

I also have to mention the value-added activites we get such as using less petroleum, supporting local economy, and gaining a sense of comminity. Oh, and I heard a Sand Hill Crane the other day!

Thank you Capella Farm!

Sincerely and gratefully, Kristen Boardman

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