Aa Cheese Making Class in SPRINGFIELD, ILL, with Merryl Winstein, Cheesemaking

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Awesome Cheese Teacher

By: Cindy Thierry    (Jun 12, 2011)

Merryl's cheese making class has been on my list of things to do since November 2009 when I read about her in Sauce magazine. I finally found the time to devote a day to cheese making and it was well worth the time investment. Merryl is a knowledgeable and lovely teacher who can show you the ropes whether you are a serious cheese maker or just checking out the process.

This was my first exposure to cheese making. So, at the end of eight hours my head was swirling with multi-syllable words from the science of creating cheese. But knowing I could call Merryl with any question put my mind at ease. I went home with a gallon of Merryl's goat milk, some minor supplies and tomorrow I will tackle Camambert on my own (knowing Merryl is but a phone call away).

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