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Visit this farm before you pass judgement

By: Susan Ke    (Jun 16, 2011)

I went by the farm to see the new arrivals, Dinah & Beulah the new dairy cows, since I am a huge raw milk fan. I live close by and have known this farm since it started. I recently came across some of these reviews and asked Pilar about them because I was so surprised to know someone could be so evil and say such slanderous comments about someone who really has a passion for doing something positive in the community. Since the start of this farm, Pilar has always mentioned that she wants her facility to be an educational outlet for the urban community that surrounds her. Iâ??ve been witness to her hard labor, passion, and wonderful agriculture attitude. Why people say such slandering comments is beyond me. By the way, most of the comments were made by the same individual creating several aliases to make harm on the farm. All I can say is that I do visit a lot of farms, and this by far this is one of the nicest, cleanest farms Iâ??ve seen, and the animals are always very well maintained and treated. Donâ??t believe everything you read, and stop by to visit the farm and you will see for yourself.

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