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Local Disappointment

By: local supporter    (Jun 28, 2011)

I was introduced to Ambrose Farms CSA in the spring of 2011. Upon visiting their website, I decided to participate in the summer 2011 CSA. I could not wait to begin receiving my veggies and try out some new local produce. Sadly, my first pickup contained a shockingly small portion of veggies and a container of completely rotten strawberries. I could not believe it because Ambrose Farms was selling strawberries at their farm yet we were receiving rotten produce. I emailed the owner and attached a picture of the rotten produce and never received a response so I sent a follow-up email to which I received a response of "How would you like me to respond?" "You are required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the risks and REWARDS of CSA before you sign up. But, perhaps you misunderstood some of the terms stated..." I couldn't believe it. The tone was so insulting. I did indeed understand the rewards and risks, however, did not sign up for unedible produce. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and proceed with a refund, however, each week was more of the same. As CSA members, we received weekly emails listing what we would be receiving, however, I ALWAYS got only SOME of the items listed. As the season progressed we continued to get emails about purchasing additional vegetables such as tomatoes that were ripening quicker than expected and that would "go to waste" if not purchased, however, as CSA members we were getting only 3 or 4 of those items. Why let them go to waste if the REWARDS of a CSA are to benefit when the farm benefits and to suffer when the farm suffers? It seems as though we only benefit in this CSA if we pay more money. Throughout the season, Ambrose has had berries and other produce available to purchase, but we never received any of those items in our CSA pickups. I have seen other various farm CSA pickups I can say that I will never use Ambrose again. The quality and variety offered by other farms is simply far superior. Ambrose Farms has left me terribly disappointed.

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