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Not Bad

By:    (Jul 8, 2011)

Not great, but not bad either. There isn't much that can be grown locally during the summer in Florida. (Cons) - Cheyennes suffers from bad PR in that they don't admit that. Almost every single piece of produce there right now (July) is not local. Also, we've purchased plants that we later realized had non organic fertilizer pellets in them and when we traced the plant back to the farm from which she obtained it I found out it wasn't organic. She sells organic grain-fed beef, not grass-fed beef, for 2$ more than retail and it comes from over a thousand miles away. I don't think she has vetted her suppliers well. Also, I've purchased some produce from there that has gone bad almost immediately, probably b/c it was old to begin with.

(Pros) - Cheyenne (owner) is very sweet and helpful. They also have some really good deals on particular items from time to time. They do give out some delicious free samples. With all of the cons I mentioned before, this place is better than most out there. It's definitely better than getting your produce from any of the local grocery stores.

I hope I didn't make too many waves w/ my reviews, but if Cheyennes addresses some issues this place could be really great.

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lisa hunt says:    (Jul 13, 2011)
This is Lisa from Cheyennes Country Thangs and the review that was posted is untrue and very hurtful. We have letters posted at our market that gives information on the farms and where every product comes from and how it was produced. We have a very large co-op and we on a continual basis ask each co-op member if they are happy with their produce and they say yes!!. We have been in business for almost 2 years and we have the majority of co-op members that we started with. The co-op members that are no longer with us come on Saturday and shop so that also tells us that we MUST be doing a good job. If we were trying to hide the the information on our plants wouldn't we take off the stickers??? We have never said that our herbs where organic for $3.00 for a 5 inch pot just that when you plant them don't spray pesticides on them. We try 200% to make sure that our produce is fresh so if a customer gets something bad it's not because we can see it on the outside, so it must have been bad on the inside and they have not let us know about it. In 2 years we have had 3 complaints on veggies; 1 strawberry box, we can't open every box to check every strawberry. 1 garlic bulb??, Banana's that looked great on the outside but customer said was soft on inside?? Replaced all plus some for these customers. We get as much as we can local and until 2 weeks ago carried majority local. Now we purchase from many organic farms and we get produce as fast as we can. Not sure why customer wrote these bad things but we are so happy that our co-op members love our produce and it shows because our co-op grows each week by word of mouth from other co-op members. Our meats along with everything esle we have, letters are posted all about them. Unhappy customer we are so sorry that you couldn't discuss these issues with us before you decide to say these very hurtful and unjustified comments. PS the produce that we give to the needy and Metropolitan ministries and hospice patients each week must be great also because we continually get letters from them. Lisa