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The best of everything I wanted in a farmer's market

By: Kara Kennedy    (Jul 13, 2011)

I have been a member of Cheyenne's Co-op for several months. I originally found this Co-Op by browsing Local Harvest. I was looking for a small, local business to support as opposed to buying into the chains. (NEWS: Supporting local business strengthens our economy!) I was also looking for a place to buy fresh, organic, in-season produce for my family. And ideally, I was also looking for a place with the same convictions as me in terms of giving back to the community and those in need.

I found the best of all these things at Cheyenne's, with the added bonus that a trip to her market is like a step away from the hustle of the world and into a better time where the people are neighborly and the food is delicious. I look forward to my weekly trip there, as do my two little girls, 4 and 6, who are now eager to try all sorts of new fruits and veggies due to our excursions to the market. (Did you every imagine kids would eat raw purple okra like french fries!?)

Lisa and her husband put their whole heart into this business. They make everyone feel welcome, give generously, and do their best to offer a wide variety of organic produce through local suppliers and others. Every week Lisa has surprises in store for customers, and shopping there is fun.

If I may make a few suggestions - The best cantaloupe I have EVER EATEN came from Cheyenne's a month ago. Since she shops seasonally, I like to ask her what her best picks are for the week. Her recommendations never fail to be delicious. I would recommend you try her milk, which she has on occasion, and her eggs, which she has every week. Also check out her medley bags which contain a variety of fruits and/or veggies, and have a recipe on the bag for how to use them. The medleys are the best! But they sell out of medleys quickly so get there early!

Since joining, I have brought my friends, family, and neighbors to Cheyenne's and they have all ended up joining the co-op. This is a special place and I would recommend it to anyone who values their health, community, and local economy.

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