Downtown Shreveport Farmers Market

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Rude Employees, Little Produce, Bad Parking

By: Me Me    (Jul 16, 2011)

The guy wearing the purple shirt at the handicapped parking lot was extremely rude. I pulled into the lot from an angle where I could not see the handicapped sign. On seeing it, I rolled down my window and said "I'll just pull through" because it was not safe to back into the street. The rude employee, in his gruffest tone, said "You'd better." LOL, this guy may have seen too many episodes of Cops. Anyway, I park way off at Sci-Port and hike up to the market. Only a few vendors had produce. Most were selling baked goods or other items. Most were very overpriced. I'll never go back.

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Noma Fowler-Sandlin says:    (Apr 25, 2013)
I am so sorry you had difficulty with our security service. Please come again and report any problems to the manager. I'm not sure what time of year you attended, but this coming year you'll be dumbfounded by the selection we have. Like most markets, we depend on the weather and growing season. I sincerely hope you'll give us another chance to impress you.