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Humane Farming needs something from us all

By: Angel Gulermovich    (Aug 3, 2011)

The five stars in this review are for both the high-quality products and the customer service Rainbow Ranch Farms has to offer. I cannot recommend either the product, the farm itself (in terms of how the animals are treated), or my experience dealing with Xenia highly enough. I simply haven't the words to praise them highly enough.

The following is in response to the negative review posted on July 30.

The grocery store experience is created by factory farming. They can provide people with whatever cuts they want, whenever they want, because of the scale of their business model. That model involves huge slaughterhouses, and animals that are forced to live unthinkably horrible lives I would expect that anyone reading this would be all too aware of that.

Small family farms don't work like that, and heritage breeds dont work like that. They operate on small scales, and not every animal has the exact same number of type of cut that the poor factory-farmed animals do. By supporting small family farms we help our society move away from a food production model that is simply WRONG. But to do so, we need to start thinking about our own consumption differently. We need to be more flexible in our meal planning than if we were shopping at the supermarket. Yes, in general you're not going to know exactly what cuts you're going to get when you order beef or pork. I for one will gladly give that up in order to know that the cow or pig was well-taken care of and had a good life while it walked upon the earth.

Know your farm, know your farmer, know your farm animals. Supporting this farm is a direct way to aid the cause of humane farming. Our entire society needs to re-think how we think about food production, and this starts with each of us making a small mental shift. We can't expect the farmers to do 100% of the work; changing the world means changing ourselves first.

Thank you, Xenia and Dennis, for loving your animals so much and for taking such good care of them. I am honored to be your customer.

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