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By: Sarah Hannon    (Aug 4, 2011)

10 Stars! I am a farm member and have been hooked since 2006. Former vegetarian, gone WILD. 1.One for excellent member service: everytime I place an order, I get a call to confirn, with detaled info. If I have questions, they are answered immediately.

2.One for excellent farming: Heritage animals, free range, organic feed with No useage of corn, no soya, no wheat, no G.M.O and gluten free with humane and ethical handling. Pasture grazing. grass fed + grass finished.

3. One for superior meats: the flavor of the chicken is out-of this world, small, sweet, tender and delicious with natural flavor, then comes the bone broth. The beef and pork is AmAzInG, I am always impressed and happy to get my selection of true, sustainably grown meats.

4. One for the clean and loved farm animals: The cows try to get into the back seat of my car. The piglets are social, freindly and push my legs, especially when I have eggs in hand. The birds range and greet the farm members. The sheep and lambs do thier own thing. The baby chicks are so cute.

5. One for the fact they OPEN the farm to us: I was pleased to know that as a member I was welcome to know my farmer, know my food and even participate as a volunteer to help my food grow and my husband (he suffers from environmental allergies)has made an effort to help with harvesting our food, and he is all the happier for the great experiences.

6. One for not having employees: everything is handled by my farmers, they are up at 3 or 4am, never take vacations or days -off. Work hard to help improve the environment and protect heritage breeds of livestock, all so we can have a better life.

7. One for NO medications: I know by the methods used on this farm, no medications or vaccines are ever needed to be used. I have learned a lot about small family farming, heirloom crops and cooking range meat.

8. One for the farm members: What can I say? I think I have met some of the most wonderful people on the planet at Rainbow Ranch Farms. Chefs, restaurant owners, cheese makers, other urban farmers, farmers market coordinators and managers, health food store operators, engineers, families, bakers, lawyers, pilots, doctors, butchers, and so many more, and all of us sharing common ground and great conversation all while we enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

9. One for the reality: I once asked "do you sell at farmers markets?" The response was incredible. I learned that Rainbow Ranch Farms is owned and operated (via the agreement)by the farm members, the custom meats are only for the farm members and can not be sold to public. The work hours required to make this all happen, does not allow for free time to leave at 4am and be gone from the farm all day to sell at farmers markets. I also learned that this farm does not make a profit from the farm members or the products offered and shared among members.

10. One for traceability, responsibility, honesty, kindness and good strong ethics.

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