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Thrilled with Beach Greens

By: Raphael Mazor    (Aug 5, 2011)

I've always wanted to get veggie delivery, but was worried that I'd get too much produce that I'd never get around to cooking.

I love Beach Greens because they are VERY flexible. You can specify the size of delivery, frequency, and proportions of fruits and veggies. They don't require a long term contract, and you can be very specific about keeping undesirable veggies (read: eggplant) out of your box. This flexibility made Beach Greens very appealing, compared to other options I saw in other cities.

It's also easy to "add on" items to your box, if you want to get something extra.

I also love that they support two urban farms within a mile of my house in Long Beach! That's pretty darned awesome, as far as I'm concerned. If you know Long Beach, you know how remarkable that is.

I've so far been pleased with the quality of produce. Everything has been fresh and vibrant.

The cost is slightly more than I'd pay at a grocer, and probably not any more than a farmer's market. Adding the convenience of delivery, and all the ethical bonuses of supporting local farmers, I'd say it was a bargain!

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