Review for: Rudy's Emu Oil and Jojoba Oil Shampoo

from: Great Lakes Emu Products LLC

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hair gets better with each use

By: Mrs Mary C Dutcher    (Aug 11, 2011)

This is a great shampoo for me. I have checked on so many shampoos that do not have parabens no sls and I wanted to use emu shampoo for my very dry itchy scalp. I get my hair colored highlighted and then when I checked my shampoo ingredients I found they had ammonium laurel sulphate and laural sulphate. I read up on your site about how good emu oil is for hair thinning and scalp treatments as well as other medical problems that can be helped with it. I also read it can help hair from becoming grey, and baldness in men. This convinced me. I wanted to wash my hair a few times , so I would be able to give it an honest review. My hair is getting softer and more manageable with each use. It is helping with the itchey scalp. I wish I would have found it sooner. Not all emu oil shampoo is the same and many have sodium lural sulphate. This one does Not. I was also glad to see that emu oil in this product was 2nd ingredient and not near the end of the ingredients......I will be buying again........Mary D It is definetly a 5 star rating

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