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Simple IS Better!

By: Penny Scott    (Aug 11, 2011)

My daughter, granddaughter and I visited with Angela earlier this week. I was actually looking for produce to can and I was refered by a neighbor to try Simple Foods. Angela was great and she gave us an impromptu tour of her farmstead, all the while educating us on the benefits of the goats milk and goats milk products. She was very kind and knowledgeable and she has very well kept and good mannered animals. The only experience I had ever had with goats milk was years ago and it was odorous and strong tasting so I thought all of goats milk tasted this way - Wrong! Indeed it is how they are raised organically by Angela. Her goats milk is very good, it had a "regular" milk taste but smoother, that is the only way I can think to explain it, you must taste it for yourself. I even drank mine warm (which she does have cold milk to taste if you prefer) I drank it all and the best part was I kept it down and did not have to run to the restroom within 5 minutes either. I do not try new food products very often. I have IBS and I.C. (I.C. is Interstitial Cystis in my bladder which is incurable) and I am very limited in what I can eat and drink and do, fatigue and weakness. Also I have Osteopenia (on the verge of Osteopororis) and Bursitis in mostly my left hip and yes at 39 I am way too young for these things - early menopause resulting in a total hysterectomy gives some explaination. Cows milk is really hard on me and I have tried other kinds of milk products same reaction and I cannot do soy whatsoever. Nor can I tolerate fresh fruits & veges, meats, anything with acid it is easier to say what I can eat, a much shorter list. Angela's goats milk was delicious, fresh and full of probiotics, calcium, B12 vitamin and potassium to name a few all of which my body is literally starving for I don't do well keeping pills / vitamins down and I am not able to supplement through my diet with food choices since I am so limited. I didn't know goats milk could be so good for you. So I am going to incorporate Angela's goats milk products into my diet and see first hand the health benefits that will come from it.

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