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By: Jane McLaughlin    (Aug 12, 2011)

I have known Angela for over a year and been sampling her cheese, goat milk, and vegetables. The flavors are excellent. I hated the taste of goat cheese and milk until I tried hers. She knows the name of her goat by the taste of the milk! That's just incredible to me! I always thought all milk tasted the same, but certain breeds of goat produce varying amounts of fat which affects the flavor. Her background in environmental concerns is reflected in the wholesome feed and farming practices she practices. Although we had an excess of produce from our garden last summer, I still bought and traded with her as her varietal and heirloom plants just tasted better than what we grew and my husband also practices wholesome organic gardening methods. I purchased some of her special goat cheese to serve at our Sierra Club auction last year and it tasted better than some of the products donated by green dirt farm this spring. If flavor is what you desire, buy from this farmer!

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