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By: judy rothweiler    (Aug 16, 2011)

You should serious consider buying from Angela because she has combined her passion and her knowledge into a vocation for her family, and friends like you. As a person she has always loved the out-of-doors; and as she has grown so has her love & respect for Mother Earth, the Water, and our Air. She comes from a long line of farmers on both sides of her family so she has known "healthy food" all her life. So that's a little about her the following is about our lives.

While on a regular visit to donate blood my husband was told that he had high cholesterol & blood pressure & that is something you want to see his Dr. about right away. We were both surprised because because he worked out and was not over-weight so we thought we were pretty healthy. At this time our daughter was still in college studying Environmental Science, so Dad was as most people placed on pills to correct the issue. Upon her moving back to the area and establishment of her farm we were lucky to be some of her very first customers. At first we were just enjoying the taste of all the fresh goats milk & eggs and didn't think about the benefits to our health, but after a visit to the Dr. and a big improvement change in numbers cholesterol & blood pressure while still using the same medications; the Dr. asked what we were doing different we started to think back & the only change was the the fresh goats milk and eggs. So of course he was told to keep up the good work and a year later we now has no worries. Rick has always been proactive about his health so needless to say we are delighted Angela has chosen to provide us with this healthy choice. We believe prevention is always better than searching for a cure later.

The eggs are are the second staple & also tasty and healthy for us. One morning we didn't have enough for breakfast and I was forced to buy from the store. I bought the brown organic large, which was what we were used to & and hurried back home. When I broke the store bought eggs into the skillet next to free range eggs we found they looked completely different her eggs stood up taller, have a bright orange color yoke & the whites didn't run. They were not only more appetizing to look at her eggs were also full of flavor that didn't even compare to those from the store. We didn't set out to do a side by side test that morning, it just turned out that way.

It has been a tough couple of years to have a garden but they have managed to keep it producing from early Spring to late in the Fall. They have had so much Jeremy has been able to pickle and can several items while still providing fresh produce by the basket full. The kinds of veggies are too numerous to mention so check the next page for the listing.

If healthy food is what you are searching for you have found it!

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