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The best beef in Richmond!

By: Vivian Hedrick    (Aug 23, 2011)

I hesitated to write a review because I didn't want everybody to find out about it and then buy up all of the only good beef in the Richmond area!!! It truly is fantastic. The best I've had since my dad raised our own cows when I was a little girl ~ nearly 50 yrs ago! It is delicious ~ from the hamburger to the steaks to the roasts. I'm happy to have happened upon the farmer's market where Deer Run Farms sells their meats. It has become a necessary staple at our house!

Vivian Hedrick

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Sheila Coffield says:    (Sep 16, 2011)
I agree! After buying other "Grass Fed" beef, we realized Deer Run Farm of Amelia is the best in Richmond. They are truly Grass Fed AND Grass Finished. Through alot of research, I found that MANY Farmers DO NOT finish their cattle on grass, they use "other" feed to "bulk" them up before going to process......which to me, defeats the purpose of eating Grass Fed! Deer Run Farm has NEVER let us down. Thank you Hutchinson Family for doing what you do AND doing it RIGHT!