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More than farm fresh eggs

By: Sandra Clayborne    (Aug 23, 2011)

The eggs were incredibly fresh and delicious. The livestock is so well cared for (sheep, goats, chickens and pigs). All the animals were in open areas. I purchased a lamb from their farm. The lamb has a great lean to fat ratio and is very flavorful. To date, I have grilled the loin and rib chops. I am so pleased. The goat's milk cheese was so good . It was flavored with rosemary and garlic. The homegrown Roma tomatoes and cucumbers were delicious as well. The tomatoes were smaller unlike the big plum tomatoes which are usually available. The tomatoes were so delicious. I honestly don't recall ever having tomatoes with so much flavor and texture. The cucumbers very also flavorful and so crisp.

I recommend Glasswing Ranch for their dedication to quality. They are are commited to providing the best products for their own consumption as well as their customers.

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