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from: Blue Moon Lavender Farm

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Lavender is wonderful.....packaging is poor.

By: Susan O    (Aug 24, 2011)

Ordered 2 dried lavender bundle bouquets. Shipping time was good, but the shipping box was shaped in a taped together triagular fashion and it arrived badly crushed. The clear plastic sleeves covering the lavendar bundles were also taped with clear packing tape into the inside of the shipping box, in a rather messy fashion, making them difficult to remove without destroying the plastic sleeves around the bundles and also jostling more of the buds loose in the process. So with the crushed box and all the taping, there was quite a bit of shedding of loose lavendar in the box. The loose buds were then stuck all over the tape, so not even useable. The bundles are just as pictured, the dried color is a pretty dark purple and the smell is wonderful and permeated the room it was in. You could even smell it outside the delivery box before opening. Just be aware, if you plan to display the bundle anywhere, there will be some shedding to clean up. If used as a bouquet display, probably best in an out of the way place, so not disturbed too much. I rate the lavender bundles 4 star and the packaging for shipping a 2 star.

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