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disappointed in the variety

By: Sarah C Hopp    (Aug 28, 2011)

I've been doing CSAs for years, with great success in the Boston, Massachusetts area. After moving to Columbus, I was excited to find Rock Dove Farm, with their eclectic listing of vegetables on this website and their website. However, the summer season is nearing a close and I have yet to be truly excited about my share any week. Most of the summer we have only received greens, which are tasty, but generally an early-season vegetable. The broccoli I received was a joke - maybe 5 florets and 90% greens.

While other farms are selling zucchini, summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, peppers, shallots, and garlic, I'm still getting greens and herbs and maybe 2 normal red tomatoes. Imagine my disappointment that after paying $325, I'm still having to pay for other vegetables to make it through the week, where previous CSAs were my entire subsistence during past summers. I grew up on a farm - I know that there should be more than this and this hasn't been a bad summer for farming compared to the last two. I understand the shared risk in farmshares but this is very disappointing when I see other farms doing fine.

Most of the vegetables were high quality and delicious, just with very little variety compared to my previous experiences. I also found myself using the meager share very quickly, even just between two of us; previous CSA half shares have inundated my 2-person household with enough vegetables to freeze or can for winter - not Rock Dove. I'll be considering my other options next year. Maybe I'll consider Rock Dove in the future after they have a bit more experience under their belt.

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Todd Schriver says:    (Aug 31, 2011)
I'm sorry. We're having a rough season. We're doing the best we can with the resources and experience available to us... we aren't embarrassed by the outcome (so far), but we are disappointed. We are a new farm and we recognize how much work we have to do to become a great one. We're trying to work through all of our problems this season and go into this fall and next season with an exceptional production system and a better and better organized delivery service.