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very purple, but paltry

By: robin wiggin    (Sep 21, 2011)

As my first CSA, albeit in a less than ideal growing year, I am not off to a great start. The produce has been dominated by way too many fennel bulbs and tops, purple potatoes, purple broccoli, beets, and not nearly enough carrots, lettuce, zucchini, onions, beans and other basic foundations of a family's vegetable needs. Very creative but not enough to eat! The tomatoes are heirloom I guess, and very weird shaped and brown spotted but taste good once you cut out the brown areas. I have made peace with beets, which is lucky since I had to eat many of them this summer. The lettuce has been horrid. Tiny clumps of "speckled" aka brown, lettuce barely enough for a single person's salad, let alone a family of four for a week. Pea greens in the start of summer were not what we wanted or could handle gracefully. What about pod peas? A few djd come, but the box was small. This while getting bits of too precious weird things like broccoli/cauliflower/purple pointy things. More food, less creativity for my next CSA -- if I can convince my family it's worth the hassle. Luckily there is a produce market next door to the Grand Central Bakery where I can buy supplementary veggies. But I grimace as I spent a small fortune for the year, it would seem. Maybe it will be better in October and November?

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