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THE place for your organic and local feed.

By: Honey Rowland    (Sep 25, 2011)

We have been purchasing grower for our chickens since early this summer. We have 150 Cornish Cross that are 13ish weeks old....and they are small turkeys at around 7-8 lbs. My birds are healthy, flying, foraging, active, no one is lethargic or lazy. They are as active (if not more so when it's time to eat!) than the heritage gals we bought for layers.

They are fed raw milk, kombucha tea I brew myself, raw ACV and the Filbrun's Organic grower for chickens. I ferment their feed, add in a bunch of DE and voila! We've turkeys...er..chickens! ;)

I highly recommend you feed your animals with the Filbrun's beautiful, organic feed. Not only is it a local source but an organic source as well.


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