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Nice farm, some issues.

By: Number Six    (Sep 28, 2011)

Please note I am rating the CSA "3", the farm a "4". This is a great operation with very knowledgeable and dedicated staff. I have been a customer for a number of years and a CSA subscriber for two although have given up on the CSA.

As I figured originally, the CSA is not for everyone. You expect that you will not receive everything you want when you sign up, it's the nature of the beast. Well, our share was supposed to feed a family of four although there was rarely enough for the two of us. The selection was usually marginal with a skimpy portion of more desirable veg say - lettuce, and an over abundance of say - beets. We gave up after two years and just buy what we need now.

It was very disappointing to learn that a vast majority of the food grown at the farm is given away to charity. Now I am a charitable person and don't mind if the farm helps some people out. However, The expensive CSA combined with the skimpy portions is too much to handle. Van loads of free food going into the city is way too much. My personal belief is that they are taking advantage of the "rich" people in the area.

The farm claims to follow organic standards although they are not rated. Also troubling is that they get their water from the town and hence, the MWRA. So water comes with flouride and chlorine and all the goodies in the public water supply. So not quite as organic as they would have you think.

We still shop at Land's Sake, just not a s much as we would like.

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Patricia Hambrick says:    (Jan 18, 2012)
It's a good thing that Lands Sake is so charitable. The CSA quantities are abundant, so I'm glad that food is being sent to those who need it.