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from: Heritage Turkey Farm

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This is how turkeys SHOULD taste!

By: Susan D Martin    (Sep 28, 2011)

THIS is how I remember our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys tasting in the 50s, before those "Butterball" birds flooded the market. Some of my dinner guests were from England, and after one bite they all said, "Where did you get this? Is this a wild turkey? This is how they're supposed to taste!" One drumstick never made it to the table as we all sampled it while I was carving...sublime! The included hints for successfully roasting the bird are most helpful; and there was really no need for continual basting as the turkey took much less time to cook than a "conventional" one. I also remember the leaner breast and the long legs from those long-ago turkeys. This bird's legs looked healthy from use, and the wings appeared of sufficient size and strength to actually allow the turkey to fly. I would most definitely recommend Heritage Turkey Farm; the bird arrived well-packed and frozen and was the most delicious turkey I've had since I was a kid! The prices are also reasonable for such an outstanding "product".

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says:    (Oct 12, 2011)
I'm sure this turkey is every bit as good as you say it is.but $130.00 for a 10-13 lb turkey is reasonable???!!!.Not in my universeI don't think the average or even above average person has a food budget that would allow this kind of purchase..even for a holiday..Is it just me or what??

Robert Both says:    (Nov 21, 2011)
I guess you have never ordered Prime Rib or Ribeye steaks.. Chuck Steak must be your choice.. Turkeys in stores are sold as "loss leaders" meaning they actually make no profit duing the promotion.. just to get you in their store.. In most cases you are paying less for a heritage turkey than a ribeye steak. Few farmers raise these turkeys and even less sell them.. If you have never tasted one.. you don't know what you are missing.