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Number 1 Choice for Produce in Manassas, VA

By: Beth Mickens    (Oct 1, 2011)

The farmer's market has become a huge part of my family's everyday living and so has eating organic, sustainable, local, all-natural foods. Before falling in love with C&T's produce, we actually fell in love with one of their workers who has treated us so well ever since the beginning. I asked her about the use of pesticides and herbicides and she gave me the most honest answer I never expected to receive. Although they do use them, she assured me that they were used minimally and only when absolutely needed. She also made it very clear that it was very important that they sell only what's in season and that they do not purchase and resell. The only thing they do sell is produce from their Georgia farm. After receiving her response I had the utmost respect for C&T Produce. We began coming regularly and we love the produce which in fact acts as evidence to what she claims.

I can tell, in comparison to the other farmer's, that what they sell truly is only what's in season. For example, I have watched the corn crops this summer go from extremely beautifully firm and sweet to small ears, home to worms. I have also learned that imperfections on my produce means true and real produce. The produce is delicious and of great quality when in season. They have officially become "our" farmers and we will continue to be loyal customers as long as they exist.

Thank you C&T Produce for all your hard work at producing local food that we can purchase and enjoy!

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