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Quality, value and service all excellent

By: Elisabeth Curtz    (Oct 7, 2011)

I'm not sure what we like most about Hedgeapple--the consistently tender and flavorful beef, the cheerful welcome and great service, or the beauty of the farm.They're all stellar.

We've bought the premium boxes of beef a number of times over the years, and compared them with the grass fed beef from our local grocery stores and other locally grown beef from the farmer's market.

Hedgeapple has had the best flavor and consistency, the quality is always very high and it has been handled with care in the processing and freezing process. Hard experience has taught us that not all local meat is as carefully grown and processed.

We feel we get a very good price break on the premium box, and the farm has been very accommodating about customizing the cuts as our family size has changed over the years.

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