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Awesome Products, service and knowledge.

By: Dante Renzoni    (Oct 14, 2011)

I recently met the owner of Ambrosia Orchard at our Local Farmers Market. He was selling several different varieties of garlic that all looked large, plump clean and fresh. I've had a latent interest in garlic for several years but have never actually gone over to vanquishing vampires so just a couple dozen bulbs of anything the grocery store had to offer was good enough. Talking with Larry spiked my interest again and now I have 350 cloves of 8 different varieties planted in my garden. From now on I will be safe from the evil blood drinkers, however, the aroma of garlic emanating from me may scare off some others as well.

Larry's garlic looks great. I taste tested (in my own unscientific way) about 20 varieties and chose the ones I wanted to plant. He discussed different varieties and their differences, replied to e-mails with answers that included references to research, to my questions and generally cheered me on. I requested a visit to his farm and had a tour. I saw first hand the care and attention to detail he has. His natural approach is not just for the garlic but for everything he grows. He has big plans for the future and believes that quality and customer service will guarantee a return on investment. Larry handed me a bag of individually packaged garlic by variety and I went home to plant.

I highly recommend any products from Ambrosia Orchard especially the garlic.. They will be high quality, naturally grown and reasonably priced, and you get Larry's expertise to help you if you want it. This is exactly why I shop locally and recommend you do as well.

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