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Poorly managed and poor amount of product

By: Kim Wesley    (Oct 19, 2011)

This was a bad growing season,. That being said, we are very aware of other organic farms in the Finger Lakes area, that had a much better production. We bought a large family plan for $600. We got 1/3 of the produce items, it started late and ended early (the last week Sept or first week October 2011).We are now learning they are still coming to our workplace and SELLING produce. They did not fulfill their obligations to the shareholders and the amounts were no where enought to feed 6-8 people. We got half a melon one week, not even the whole thing. They are offering a 15% discount next year if we are brave enought to try it again. REALLY? How about a 30% refund on this years produce we did not receive?

I am appauled and will be writing them a letter to request this refund. I will be sharing the letter with the New York Farm Bureau. I hope this will help others avoid this Co-Op (Clover Road Farm in Cohocton, NY)as it is poorly managed and run.

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Kathy Deitsch says:    (Oct 22, 2011)
What you failed to say was that we offered 4 weeks free in the spring PLUS 15% off of last year's price. About a 25% discount. There are clearly no gurantees in farming and we were hit especially hard this season. I think you can find an equal amount of farms that had trouble as you can find farms that faired well. Community Supported Agriculture is just as it is stated. It would be nice to have support for one of the most difficult jobs there is. One life long jolt that compounded the problems we faced was the death of my mother in July. The drought, the early spring rain. tractor breakdowns and lack of sufficient help. I'm terribly sorry for your dissappointment.