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Not a good first impression

By: Gloriann Northcraft    (Oct 21, 2011)

After finding them on this site I contacted Austin Farms to arrange weekling egg purchases. Mr. Austin answered the phone and was very friendly. He said he would have the 3 dozen eggs I needed on the day I needed them and that his wife should be home at her pet grooming business in back and to just go back and get them from her, but if she wasn't there they would be siting on the front step and I could just leave the money under the mat. When my 3 year old son and I arrived there was a car in the driveway, but noone in the pet grooming area in back, nobody answered to knocks, and when we walked around front to see if the eggs were on the front step a loud angry black dog rushed out at us barking wildly. This scared my 3 year old to death and the dog followed us continueing to bark wildly at us as we checked the front step - no eggs were left there either and no one came out to call the dog in....needless to say we left and won't be back.

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