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Best beef liver ever!

By:    (Oct 23, 2011)

We were visiting relatives in Enterprise last week, and we were told that we ought to check out the M. Crow & Company General Store in Lostine on the way home, because it's a pretty cool place and is in danger of closing soon. We took that advice and had fun browsing. What a variety of stuff they carry!

One thing I came across in the old-timey freezer case, was a few packages of Alpine Acres grass fed beef. We're recent converts to all grass-fed beef, have gotten it from several sources and have been happy with it all. But haven't gotten organ meat before. I know my husband likes beef liver (though he hasn't had it for awhile),so when I saw a small package of beef liver, I got it for him, along with a small package of ground beef. Thawed it out that night, fixed it the next day. Prepared it with a simple saute, with onions and sprinkled with a little bit of garlic granules, 5 minutes on each side. I fully expected a strong organ-meat smell to fill the house, but there was nothing.

He loved it! Said it was the best beef liver he's ever had in his life!!

Look forward to trying the ground beef. Too bad we live seven hours away. It'll be a while before we can get more. But if the liver was that good, the rest has got to be fantastic. By the way, the man at the store said the cows are called "oreo" cows, black with a white stripe around their middle. Wish I'd seen them.


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