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Unable to cancel orders, Beware of life long commitment

By: Lisa Smith    (Oct 26, 2011)

Initially, I was very happy with these boxes. But, when financial issues came up and I wanted to cancel the orders, it became near impossible to do so. You have to go online and push no on the delivery calender for every week. You can say no for 6 months, but once that 6 months is up they will start delivering again. I was unable to get ahold of anyone at this business by phone or email to stop my orders and electronic withdrawls from my checking account. I closed the account that the withdrawls were being made from. And they STILL delivered boxes to my house. Now I received a bill in the mail saying I owe for the boxes I did not want or else they are going to send me to a collections company.

If you sign up for home delivery of these boxes, be prepared to commit to a lifetime of them as the company makes it impossible to cancel your orders.

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Rachel Brown says:    (Feb 20, 2012)
I am sorry to hear of your experience, however I disagree with the statements made. The owners make their direct cell phone numbers available so that they can be reached for any questions or concerns. To remove an item from your standing or one time order you simply put a "0" in the item quatnity box and update the screen. Brown Box policy is to return any phone calls or e-mails the same business day. We have addressed concerns with making the ordering process more user friendly and are excited to announce that our updated ordering screens will be live in March.