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Bad Year for most due to weather

By: Bob Van Wuyckhuyse    (Oct 27, 2011)

I am in Kent, NY and I also felt the crunch from the weather.

2010 we harvested 339.3 tons of hay. 2011 we harvested 280 tons of hay. That is a 17% loss due to the weather conditions of very wet spring and then very dry summer. I re-planted our own garden twice only to get about 1/2 the produce we should have. I thank the stars we did not have it as bad as places like Binghamton, NY

Conditions such as bad weather would affect your production quantities beyond your control. Mother natures unforeseen circumstances were felt all over the Eastern USA. In some areas it destroyed entire farms.

This just one of many unforeseen perils of what we face in Agriculture on a yearly basis.

Sorry to hear about your losses.

Here's to a great year next year!

Kathy, I gave you and Diane 4 stars because I really liked hearing about your farm, all the photos were great and all the good things you are doing, when we met at the NOFA-NY CSA event in Rochester . I know that next year will be your banner year for sure.

Bob VanWuyckhuyse Lee Farms Kent, NY

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